The Master Control Unit

Inside the Battery Monitoring System, the Master Control Unit coordinates all the activities and represents the system's interface with the rest of the world. This station is responsible for almost all tasks performed by the BMS, such as:

- system configuration
- measurement scheduling, measurements performed by the Monitoring Devices
- storage of the results received from the Devices
- generation of alarms
. generation of graphical views of the data
- data logging

The configuration, memorization and logging activities are performed by a software application, developed by Seber IT specifically for this purpose.
The alarm generating part, together with the graphical presentations are performed by Grafana, a well-known open source product.
The complete SW environment has been configured and developed to be installed on a Linux Microcomputer of the Raspberry Pi family, a very well known line of economical single board computers with excellent performance. The complete BMS management environment contains the control application together with several well known standard open-source packages:

- MariaDB (ex-MySQL) DataBase Server
- Apache Web Server
- Grafana Graphics Server
- Rsyslog Log Manager

The queries which Grafana uses to extract data from the DataBase are developed and maintained by Seber-IT, available on the web-site.

Selecting the Raspberry Pi as the Master Control Unit platform, presents the user several options for choosing the Control Station set-up. We list some of the possibilities:

1. CM3-Panel-7-POE module made by ACME systems: CM3-PANEL-7-POE equipped with the Raspberry Compute Module, an industrial version of the Raspberry Pi
2. Raspberry Pi system with integrated touch screen
3. Raspberry Pi system managed over LAN by another computer
4. existing Raspberry Pi, upgraded to MCU by booting with a Seber-IT prepared micro-  SD, which contains the complete BMS software environment

The first soluzione comes with everything that is needed to set up the BMS system, a turnkey system. The other solutions need to add a USB - RS485 converter with Power Injector for powering and communicating with the Boris boards over the RS-485 communication bus.

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