Th-02 - datasheet


The activity of battery monitoring implies measuring the temperature of the battery body at regular intervals. Seber-IT has developed a thermo-sensor specifically for this purpose: Th-02, a small, flat, easy-to-apply mini-PCB to attach to the battery case. It suffices to apply a small piece of bi-adhesive tape or a droplet of glue, p.e. silicon glue, to affix it to the battery body.

The upper-side of the thermo-sensor is equipped with a special poke-in connector for two wires. By just inserting the stripped end of the wire into the connector, a stable connection will be guaranteed. The underside of the Th-02 has two 'thermo-electrodes', in contact with the battery housing, that 'transmit' the battery body temperature to the sensor element.




The sensor dimensions are: 20 x 16 x 4.5 mm (0,79 x 0,63 x 0.18 inch)


Simple strip and poke-home wire insertion with easy twist and pull wire extraction

Wire size

The connector accepts solid and stranded wires with wire area from 0.13 up to 0.52 square mm, diameter from 0.4 to 0.8 mm (AWG 20 - 26)


There is NO polarity constraint on this sensor: the two wires may be inserted into the connector either way

Voltage rating

The applied wire should have a voltage rating of 300 Volt



The Th-02 module utilizes a NTC Thermistor - 10 kOhm @ 25 °C


Temperature measurement precision: +- 0.1 °C @ 25 °C


For best performance the air-gap between the battery housing and the two 'thermo-electrodes' should be kept clean and as small as possible. In case this requirement can't be met, it might be advisable to apply a minimal quantity of thermal paste between the battery housing and the sensor to improve thermal conductivity.