Battery Monitoring System

A new approach to large scale battery status monitoring. A non-invasive, easy to install, inexpensive monitoring system that can be attached to virtually every type of existing battery array like UPS or Solar Energy system. 

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Boris, what does it do?

The Boris Battery Monitoring System activity consists in measuring, at regular intervals, the Voltage and Temperature of each of the connected batteries. The measurement results are transmitted to the Master Control Unit that takes care of storing the data into a DataBase, displaying the results through a Graphics Web server and generating alarms according to client imposed criteria.

Boris, how does it work?

The Boris BMS is based on the Boris 1.42 board, an intelligent device, developed by Seber IT specifically for this task. The board is equipped with Analog/Digital converters and is able to check on no less than twelve in-series connected batteries. An on-board micro-processor with incorporated application program takes care of the necessary operations and activities in complete independence.


Boris 1.42 Board

The BMS also has one Master Control Unit to supervise and coordinate the activities of the connected boards. This unit communicates with the Monitoring Devices through a RS-485 channel or by radio. At user defined intervals, this unit broadcasts a Measurement Request to all connected devices.
When the Boris PCB's receive this request, the on-board application engages in the following operations:

  1. Measurement of potential difference of the connected batteries - Voltage 
  2. Measurement of body temperature of the connected batteries - Temperature
  3. Data transmission to Master Control Unit - Transmission

The full measurement cycle, from preparation through measurements to data ready for transmission, takes less than one second! And what's more, the measurements are carried out simultaneously on all connected devices.
Data transmission is completed within the next few seconds and lasts less than half a second per board.

Regarding the battery temperature measurements, Seber-IT has developed a thermo-sensor specifically for this purpose: Th-02, a small, flat, easy-to-apply mini-PCB to attach to the battery case.

Boris, how to deploy?

Generally speaking, a UPS or Solar Energy system utilizes far more than twelve batteries. Let's present an example of a system like here below, consisting of three battery strings, with 36 batteries each:


To monitor a system of this size, 108 batteries, only nine Monitoring Devices are needed. Please take note that you can attach to a specific Boris board only consecutive, in series connected batteries, belonging to the same string.

The Monitoring Devices are connected, by wire (RS-485) or by radio, to a Master Control Unit. This unit coordinates all monitoring, storage and visualization & presentation activities. This unit can also be used to set the system configuration parameters.

Boris, which results can be obtained?

For each of the controlled strings, the system prepares and displays graphical representations of the current state of the strings.

String State: summary 

In one glance the state of health of an entire string: the number of batteries with the right Voltage, with a just sufficient Voltage and then the number of batteries below threshold Voltage. On the second line the number of batteries with a normal Temperature, with a slightly raised Temperature and last the number of batteries that are over-heated.

String State: detail

In a single graph are displayed Voltage and Temperature of all batteries belonging to the string. Malfunctioning batteries can be identified immediately, long before they collapse.
With this type of diagnostics, there's plenty of time to schedule corrective actions.

String State: single board

When the string contains many batteries, it's possible to zoom in and visualize only those cells that are controlled by a single Boris board.

Boris, where to purchase?

The Boris board, and all other items you may need to compose your tailor-made Battery Monitoring System, are available for purchase on - click on Category Boris BMS.
For any other information, do not hesitate to contact us at 

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